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Shows, a Sabbatical Story

I trace my love affair with TV to Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd. Moonlighting ran from when I was 10 to 14, a time when I had a super small TV in my bedroom.  Before I even knew it was … Continue reading

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God is Trans – Sermon July 15 2018

First Reading – From William Ellery Channing’s Likeness to God Second Reading – God Says Yes to Me by Kaylin Haught  Sermon – God is Trans  A couple of weeks ago, I got into a fight with a stranger on … Continue reading

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Queering Gender

I was only seven, and already I got that it made no sense.  More than anything that year, I wanted to carry the cross up the center aisle, or at least a candle – I wanted to go in front … Continue reading

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“A Conversation Begins With A Lie…”

The last time someone called me a lesbian, I didn’t correct them.  Was it a colleague? A congregant? A reporter? I don’t know.  I only remember not correcting them.  These not-correcting moments tend to add up, like little dents in … Continue reading

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