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Invisible Partners

We had been hiking straight up hill for nearly two hours.  Unlike the day before, it was sunny, not raining – but the remnants of the rain were everywhere – mud, and deep crevices along the trail, trees fallen along … Continue reading

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In a hurry, but it’s fun

For many of you – and for me, it’s the middle of spring break.  Even if you aren’t on a student’s schedule, I hope you are all finding ways to rest and slow down a little as we approach the … Continue reading

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The Promise of Partnership – Sermon for Greeley Aug 16 2015

Story – “Partners” by Marc Gelman Before there was anything, there was God, a few angels, and a huge swirling glob of rocks and water with no place to go. The angels asked God, “Why don’t you clean up this … Continue reading

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In Shared Ministry

Before I went to seminary – despite being very active in my local UU congregation – I remained skeptical about the value of “church” in today’s world. I wondered if “church” was a concept we could do without. Then, in … Continue reading

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Dear Congregation….an open letter to the Foothills Unitarian Church

Dear Foothills Unitarian Church, I’ve tried for two weeks to write an annual report, without much luck.  Not because I am lacking in things I might lift up about our programs and ministries this year…. I could remind us of … Continue reading

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Doing Church Through Learning Communities

I often ask those who are newer to the church – what brought you here? Perhaps not surprisingly – I don’t get too many who say “I was really hoping to join a Committee!” And yet, without the loving hands … Continue reading

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Top Ten Stories for All Unitarian Universalists – Stories 7 and 8

Continuing to reveal 10 stories I wish every Unitarian Universalist knew….here are stories 7-8.  Story 7:  The Unitarians and the Universalists Fifty years ago, in stuffy rooms and over dinners, and breakfasts, and coffee, and other drinks, people of goodwill … Continue reading

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Top 10 Stories For All Unitarian Universalists (Stories 1-3)

Wouldn’t it be handy if we had a common set of stories that we could count on most Unitarian Universalists knowing? It could be great shorthand, similar to how Christians can say “sow your seeds in the good soil,” and … Continue reading

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