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How It Might Have Gone (My Universalist Dream Ballet Version of the Brett Kavanaugh Senate Hearings)

I was imagining all day yesterday how it might have gone. I keep thinking of it like my Universalist-Dream-Ballet version of the horrifying/captivating Senate Hearings. That is, a version of events fueled by my most idealistic notions of redemption and reconciliation.  And, … Continue reading

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The Morning After

Reading: After 37 Years My Mother Apologizes for My Childhood by Sharon Olds  Sermon – The Morning After – Gretchen Last Sunday, I told you about the ledge at my friends’ lake cabin. How I was too afraid to ever follow … Continue reading

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The Plunge

When I was a kid, some of my friends had a cabin on a lake, where just off to the side there was a place you could go, and jump off the ledge into the water below.  I’d watched my friends … Continue reading

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