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Lose Your To Do List

Reading: Ross Gay’s Loitering Sermon: Lose Your To-Do List Growing up, I learned a special way to mark time at this time of year. Even better than the “Christmas Countdown app.” I learned to mark time with an Advent Calendar.   … Continue reading

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My Children Try to Teach Me to Love Unfinished Things

for example, markers with lids half-on, coloring books set out with pages like butterflies, half-beautiful; my hands covered in raw meat, dripping and dangerous – or dirt, with the torch lilly barely out of the pot, ready to be surrounded … Continue reading

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Unbalance Your Life

One evening, not too terribly long ago – relatively speaking, there were two sisters who were preparing for a very special dinner guest.  He was a powerful teacher, someone who radiated wisdom, and love.  They each prepared for this special … Continue reading

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