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What Comes Next

Reading – from Alain de Botton’s 2016 essay, “Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person”   It’s one of the things we are most afraid might happen to us. We go to great lengths to avoid it. And yet we do it … Continue reading

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Say Yes – Stewardship and Celebration Sunday Feb 4 2018

We are here today because many people  over many generations said yes. We could go back further, but I want to start with the yes that came 120 years ago, almost exactly – January 2nd, 1898. A small group of … Continue reading

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Growing in Generosity

Story “The Gift”  Sermon “Growing in Generosity”  In her book, Packing for Mars, Mary Roach shares that in the very first space station, the engineers realized they wouldn’t need tables.  Because, no gravity meant you couldn’t sit down, and the … Continue reading

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Talking Money in Church

My very first social hour at Foothills, the one where my family and I were introduced to the community in May of 2012, I declared my unabashed love for stewardship and finance related ministry to a small group of folks … Continue reading

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The Bright Thread of Hope

The Bright Thread of Hope [1] We gather this morning, just two days from the end of the election cycle. Two days, my friends, two days.  And over these months of the campaign- or has it been years, or an eternity … Continue reading

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