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Gretchen Haley is relentlessly curious about most things, especially the big stuff of theology, the beauty of creation, the magic of collaboration, and the great joy of pop culture (reflected in this blog by random posts on Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Scandal, Orphan Black, or the latest Marvel movie). She has an audacious ambition for the liberal church, believing in its capacity to transform lives and our world by way of hyper-local relationships and partnerships that inspire the unleashing of courageous love. She's all in on adrienne maree brown's emergent strategy, and finds solace in the trails in and around Fort Collins Colorado where she serves with the brilliant Rev. Sean Neil-Barron as one of the ministers of the Foothills Unitarian Church. She and her amazing partner of 19 years, Carri, have 2 children, Gracie (13) and Josef (11) who both relish and resent being PKs, and who keep her grounded, frustrated, inspired, and humbled, everyday. She is basically obsessed with her puppy, a large sized mutt, Charlie.

all we can do

All you can do is walk into Jerusalem, with the Hosannas ringing in your ears, and the palms coming at you in every direction, and you’re wondering what’s real, and if there’s any love that won’t swallow you up, and … Continue reading

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Progressive Christians Ruined Me (Or, Everything Changes When You Know Their Name)

All I could think, as I headed into my second day of the machine of Rethink Leadership and the Orange Conference (a mostly-evangelical Christian leaders gathering) was: Progressive Christians have ruined me.  Before seminary and my classmates – those brave … Continue reading

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The Savior Next Door

They came in the very early morning hours. In the stillness of the deep dawn, when light and dark were equally everywhere. Mary, Mary Magdalene, Salome, maybe other women – came to anoint their friend, their teacher with all the … Continue reading

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The Story of this Sermon About 18 months ago, one of our church members, Mary Hill, “bought” the right to select the topic of a sermon from me at the church Auction. Usually when someone does this, they have a topic in … Continue reading

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I was in my second year of seminary when I learned how to pray. It wasn’t in a class, or a field placement – technically I learned prayer in those official places. But the real lesson happened at home.  One night.  My children … Continue reading

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Knowing Unknown

Sermon: Knowing Unknown  When I was seven, I became obsessed with a series of wooden sculptures that hung on each side of the walls of the sanctuary, in my little Catholic church where I grew up.  They were spaced out equally, … Continue reading

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You Make No Sense

Sermon: You Make No Sense – Gretchen This past week, the State of Oregon heard public comments for a Bill they were considering that would stop non-medical exemptions for vaccinations. See, just across the Columbia river, officials in Clark County, Washington have just confirmed … Continue reading

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