all we can do


All you can do
is walk into Jerusalem,
with the Hosannas ringing
in your ears, and the palms
coming at you in every direction,
when you’re already
remembering the bitter
of what comes
even then, all you have
is the moving forward
into the city, and the call
that says:
you’ve been preparing for this
your whole life.
That every good thing will come
undone does not make it all
make believe
and when the world turns
upside down, and lovers become
strangers, and thieves
and betrayers
turn out to be the beloved
beside you in the dark
even when the palms turn to
even then
you can still throw your arms
open wide
and turn forgiveness
over and over
on your tongue
until it just falls
and you find yourself empty of
for a moment –
until the breath begins
again, the rise, and the fall,
and the next morning comes,
gloriously steady

About Rev. Gretchen Haley

Gretchen Haley is relentlessly curious about most things, especially the big stuff of theology, the beauty of creation, the magic of collaboration, and the great joy of pop culture (reflected in this blog by random posts on Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Scandal, Orphan Black, or the latest Marvel movie). She has an audacious ambition for the liberal church, believing in its capacity to transform lives and our world by way of hyper-local relationships and partnerships that inspire the unleashing of courageous love. She's all in on adrienne maree brown's emergent strategy, and finds solace in the trails in and around Fort Collins Colorado where she serves with the brilliant Rev. Sean Neil-Barron as one of the ministers of the Foothills Unitarian Church. She and her amazing partner of over 20 years, Carri, have 2 children, Gracie (14) and Josef (12) who both relish and resent being PKs, and who keep her grounded, frustrated, inspired, and humbled, everyday. She is basically obsessed with her puppy, a large sized mutt, Charlie.
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