Meditation on Community

A meditation inspired by the story, God In Between by Sandy Eisenburg, offered at Flower Communion on June 5, 2016

Please join me in a spirit of prayer, or meditation.

Take a few deep breaths, in and out.

Slow down. Pay attention to all the sounds and smells happening all around you.

Remember what happened right before you came to church this morning, the things you were worried about, the rush, the arrival, the relief of greeting and of being greeting.

Remember the people who are in your heart, your loved ones who you are missing, or upset with, or confused about; remember those who you cherish.

Remember the tasks you have done together, or that you hope to do together still, the tasks, and also the playing. The chatting and the laughing.

Feel all these connections tug on your heart, and feel the presence of the holy there in the space between you and the people you care about, maybe some of them are here in this room.

Feel the love that is manifest in our coming together.

Breathe into this space, and as you do,

feel the presence of all the other people in this room, and consider all of the many stories and connections that they were calling to mind, as you were calling yours to mind.

Feel the ways their connections are different than yours, unique just as yours are. Honor those differences. Feel their beauty.

And then, just as much, feel the ways their stories are the same as your own. Feel the ways they love as you love, grieve as you grieve, struggle as you struggle, grow as you grow.

Breathe into this oneness of our community.


There are many stories in our room, we know, and many more stories of those who aren’t with us today but are a part of our community- and so let us keep on breathing into our connectedness, our oneness.

Community is messy, imperfect, yet it is also saving, healing, transforming. As another church year comes to a close, let us recommit ourselves to our shared purpose, remembering to breathe in and out when we are disappointed or frustrated or hurt along the way.

Let us practice forgiveness, and beginning again, and keep remembering that God lives in the spaces between us, and the greatest goodness is possible in our coming together. And so let us keep reaching out, keep drawing in, keep loving, and breathing, together.

Amen, blessed be.


About Rev. Gretchen Haley

Gretchen Haley serves as the Senior Minister of the Foothills Unitarian Church in Fort Collins, CO. She's relentlessly curious about most things, especially the big stuff of theology, the beauty of creation and poetry, the magic of collaboration, and the great joy and often-great-depth of popular (and less popular) television and music. She and her partner of 17 years, Carri, have 2 children, Gracie (10) and Josef (8).
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